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Times Association membership is open for everyone who are interested in supporting our work. When you will become a member of Times Association, you will gain access with a unique professional team of expert members.

Who Can Join?

The Question "Who Can Join?" is a very difficult question but the answer is very simple "Everyone". Yes, everyone can take the Membership of Times Association whether you are a involve in creating, producing or distributing news, a student, a working professional, or anyone can be a part of Times Association by just taking our Membership.

Benefits of our Membership

The benefits which one will receive by taking our membership is discussed below:-

  • Enrollment in our Basic Journalism Course for free.
  • Internship with our renowned media houses.
  • Press Card
  • Training Certificate
  • Earning Benefits.

Membership Fees

To become our member one will have to pay a nominal amount of Rs.3000/- (Rupees Three Thousand only) per person.

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