Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication

PGJMC is a programme for those who want to learn and upgrade their skills in communication, journalism and allied fields. It is also an opportunity for working professionals to enhance and update their knowledge and get a formal degree for it.

Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism is a 1 year diploma course focusing on the advanced knowledge of journalism after completing graduation. It provides hands on training providing opportunity to implement their graduation knowledge in real life along with gaining additional knowledge.

The aim of this course is to teach honest and progressive journalism to the students and to remove the veil of darkness and ignorance from the society. The course is helpful to provide intensive theoretical and practical knowledge in various media professions ranging from the management of media organisation to research and an integrated perspective of media functioning along with a fair amount of exposure to technical know-how to hone the student’s analytical skills.

Career opportunities in media and journalistic organizations are made possible by a PG diploma in journalism & mass communication. It is an applied study that enables students to look for work in a variety of media outlets in positions ranging from management to reporting.