Master of Arts (M.A) in Journalism and Mass Communication

M.A in Journalism and Mass Communication is a two year courses with specialization in Print Media, Electronic Media and New Media. It is a three-year undergraduate program exclusively designed to prepare students for the continuously evolving media & communication industry.

The program outline is prepared to offer a perfect blend of theoretical knowledge and practical exposure to the students through subjects like reporting, editing, radio communication, creative writing, etc. Throughout this program, students are encouraged to prepare portfolios, short films and research projects in the form of assignments. Classroom and outdoor activities are conducted to enhance student’s Media Communication skills.

Extraordinary efforts are taken to improve speech & personality development of the students. After completion of the program, students can decide on continuing their academic education, research and opt to work in Media Industry as an expert. MA Journalism & Mass Communication gives training to the students in both technical skills and critical analysis of the media spectrum. It is a postgraduate course of 2 years duration. The course includes the study of mass media such as newspapers, magazines, cinema films, radio, television etc in order to convey information to the audience.

MA Journalism & Mass Communication is a study of different means of communication by which individuals can convey the information to the large segment of the population through mass media. The course generally provides teaching and training regarding reporting, writing, editing, photographing etc. Students can opt. for specializations in various fields of journalism such as Sports Journalism, Science Journalism, Environment Journalism, Fashion Journalism, Film Making, Advertising, Corporate communications etc. Successful Graduates may work in the job areas such as Advertising Agencies, Books, and Novels, All India Radio, Photography Companies, Broadcasting Corporations, Press Information Bureau, Radio Telecasting Companies, TV Channels, Websites etc.