Bachelor of Arts (B.A) in Journalism and Mass Communication

The full-form of BJMC is Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication. The course teaches journalism skills and knowledge such as information gathering and delivery to the aspirants.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication is a three-year undergraduate program equipping students with the technical skills and social understanding to write about and convey information - to the general public - involving business, history, culture, budget issues, governmental matters, entertainment, and sports, through the means of mass communication such as TV, radio, and web-based social networks.

As the field of journalism is established on truth, autonomy, and transparency, the course provides a holistic knowledge at both theoretical and practical level. This course helps students to learn about various journalistic and media skills which will help them to build their foundation to understand the basic concepts of this field. It incorporates study of liberal arts, broadcast journalism, different fundamentals of journalism, media and communication.

The way technology and communication function has dramatically changed as a result of the impending changes in the journalism and media industries. This makes it easier for media professionals to operate creatively and interactively. Several benefits of taking this course are listed below.

  • If someone aspires to make a potential career in the field of media and journalism then this degree gives the perfect outlook to pursue the same.
  • If someone loves to express their creative ideas and thoughts then this programme provides a platform to students to showcase their talent and bring up their own creativity in their work.
  • This course will help you to expand your networking because you will be meeting new people who will have different ideas and mindsets and this will help you to expand the horizon of your thinking.
  • This course provides multiple career options and helps students to choose their field of interest from various options available to them.