About Times Association

Times Association is a new age media educational concept established by coming together of influential Media House namely "Times Bangla", "Times India" and "Times Nation". It was formed in the year 2023 to fulfill the deficiency of industry ready, skilled and talented Journalist. It offers well-structured and inclusive course in Journalism.

The students are here nurtured to develop ideas, logical reasoning and critical analysis of content, visuals and production elements to facilitate mass dissemination. This has been the practice to promote and propagate quick and ethically correct communication for the civil society to build the world an inclusive society with sustainable development goal.

The institute excels in redefining the focused approach, appropriate methodology and outcome based education in the field of mass media. In this big world there are only few people who truly understand the need for quality education in Journalism. That is why Times Association, run by one of India’s largest media groups merged up together to provide the Industry with skilled Journalist. We pride ourselves on our varied advantages: Access to state-of-the-art media technology; learning from some of the best minds; unparalleled exposure to the world’s top professionals, thinkers, nation-builders and lawmakers; and finally, our serious emphasis on employability, providing unparalleled job opportunities in the media and communication industries nationally.

Why Us?

The students are here nurtured to develop ideas, logical reasoning and critical analysis of content to facilitate mass dissemination like

Industry Aligned Courses

The courses provided at Times Association are industry aligned so that students will learn industry ready courses.

Practical Experience

Along with the course module, students here will also be able to gain practical field experience to polish up their skills.


Students at Times Association will get advice from expert media houses merged together to help them lead the correct path.